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Nox Imperii Overview

The Empire of Terra, dominant power of this sector of the Galaxy, is in decline after centuries of expansion. As weak emperors and widespread corruption weaken the Terran realm, beyond the Imperial borders barbarian forces gather strength. Meanwhile, opposite Betelgeuse, the Empire's great rival prepares to challenge Imperial supremacy. Kicked out of Navy school but proud owner of a derelict shuttle, will you help the Empire recover, join force with its rival, or simply focus on surviving and prospering in a Galaxy that has seen better days?

Nox Imperii follows the footstep of classics such as Elite, Freelancer or most closely Escape Velocity to put you in command of a spaceship with a Galaxy to explore. Trade, fight, perform missions, survey the wilderness, turn to piracy, it's all up to you - a huge, mostly random Galaxy awaits!

Overview · Download · Requirements · Contributing · Naev

Nox Imperii 0.5.1 Download

Nox Imperii is currently in alpha. Bugs and unfinished content are not rare!

Windows build

Git tag (for development or building on Linux)

0.5.1 - 28/10/16
- New looting system; piracy now pays!
- Individual names for AI ships
- Big price re-balancing to make player progression not quite as fast
- Improved shipyard UI, to make it easier to compare ships
- Purchasable maps of surrounding systems
- Many smaller tweaks and fixes

Key features:

  • Near-infinite Galaxy of (mostly) random systems
  • Seamless travel and ship-to-ship fighting
  • Dynamic trade system, affected by changes in the world
  • Missions with effects on the Galaxy, both quests and random
  • Dozens of ships, all buyable by the player
  • Survey of worlds beyond known space, with random events and rewards
  • Large selection of weapons and outfits, often faction-specific
  • Hireable crew members providing varied bonuses

Nox Imperii is based on the great open-source game Naev; it uses a modified version of its game engine and a lot of its art work. Check the Naev tab for more info!

Nox Imperii also uses some cool ship artwork from Hoshikaze.

Overview · Download · Requirements · Contributing · Naev

Technical requirements

  • Linux, FreeBSD or Windows.
  • Core i3 processor or equivalent.
  • 2 GB of free RAM.
  • 1024 MB of video memory
  • 500 MB of free disk space.

The Windows version is available pre-packaged, the Linux and FreeBSD ones must be compiled from source. See the Naev instructions for more information.

Overview · Download · Requirements · Contributing · Naev

Contributing to Nox Imperii

Nox Imperii is open-source and contributions are welcome! The best is to discuss it with me (Kinniken) first, either on the forum or by mail to

There are three main areas where you can contribute:


Nox Imperii is in dire need of new graphics. This includes mainly, in rough order of priority:

  • 2D portraits for crew members and mission characters, particularly for alien races
  • 3D ships (rendered in 2D in game), mostly for civilians. Nox Imperii currently uses many ships borrowed from other games
  • Other 2D elements such as landscapes, commodity pictures etc.
  • 3D outfits (rendered as 2D), all the current ones are from Naev


Nox Imperii uses a modified version of the Naev engine, written in C. Help with new features is always welcome, whether they are for Nox Imperii itself or for both Naev and it. Check the Git repository on GitHub.

Missions, events and other scripting

Like Naev, Nox Imperii uses Lua script files to handle missions, events, planet generation and other actions. Some require descent scripting skills (missions in particular), some are mainly content writing (random events and new planet types for example).

Have a look at the content of the dat folder for more details, or if you are good at writing but not so much at scripting, contact me about it.

Naev and Nox Imperii

Nox Imperii would not exist without Naev, from which it borrows roughly:

  • 95% of the C code
  • 50% of its art assets
  • 10% of the events and mission scripts

The main Nox Imperii features that are not in the base Naev game are:

  • The random systems and planets
  • The dynamic trade system
  • The crew system
  • Missions and events affecting the universe

Everything else is from Naev, though heavily adapted for a new universe.

Technically, Nox Imperii is a Git fork of the original Naev repository. Patches to Naev often make their way to Nox Imperii too, and some Nox Imperii features are considered for inclusion in Naev.

Want to check out Naev a bit more? See their forum, download pageand Git repository!